Thanks for Joining Us at Today’s Town Hall Meeting

Dear Judges, Colleagues and Community Partners,

 Thank you for giving up a Saturday and joining us today at our Town Hall Meeting. It was a great success. We had a full house with 100 foster parents.
So many of our foster parents told us that they appreciated the day and thought it was a great event. Special thanks to Judge Langer for being our terrific panel host. The discussions were important, at times lively and most of all, foster parents enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and learn more.
As most of you know, we are actively engaged in a foster parent recruitment campaign.
Today’s event was another opportunity for our community to come together and show our foster parents how supported they are.  I am proud of how much our Quality Parent Initiative is a part of our town’s child welfare culture.
As we discussed today, there is no better way to recruit and retain Quality Parents than having meetings like today’s that show our community’s strength and character.  We really have come a long way.
On behalf of the Board and staff of Our Kids, I would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all of you and your staff for making today great.

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