Eighth Annual Graduation Celebration for Child Welfare Professionals

June 14, 2013

The Eighth Annual Graduation Celebration for Child Welfare Professionals was held Friday, June 14. We were honored to have Darren Weissman, also known as “Doctor Dribble,” as our Keynote Speaker. Doctor Dribble is a motivational speaker who has participated in various marathons, half marathons and obstacle races.  He can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest half marathon time while dribbling two basketballs.


In addition to being an inspiring individual and an incredible athlete, Doctor Dribble has also fostered a youth in care and currently coaches basketball at Gulliver Academy in Miami. He has trained young basketball players since he graduated high school in 2000. Many of us had the opportunity to hear the motivational speech Doctor Dribble gave at the Our Kids staff meeting a few weeks ago, and we had the great pleasure to witness his heartfelt message at this graduation, where we  showed our support for our new, front line staff.

Thank you for joining us for the Our Kids Learning Institute for Excellence, Child Welfare Professionals Core Training Class #8 Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony was held at the City of Miami Police Training Academy Auditorium located on 350 NW 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33128.


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