Fit For A King: A Night at the Prom With Our Kids

Almost every high school student has the opportunity to attend prom. For many, it’s a rite of passage; an experience we remember the rest of our lives. For Brian*, a Miami-Dade student living with disabilities, it meant fitting in and feeling like a teenager, just like his peers.

Upon starting the 2012-2013 school year,  Brian met his new Our Kids Transitional Living Specialist, Widlyne Lopez, . At first, he was “shy” and not very open, however, after a few visits, he began to open up and discuss his interests and hobbies.

One thing that Widlyne quickly learned about Brian was that, unlike many other students, Brian wasn’t planning to attend college: he preferred to focus on his music career. To this day, Brian is determined to make it in the music industry (and he promises to “look out” for Mrs. Lopez when he becomes a millionaire). 

In April 2013, prom season was quickly approaching. Brian asked a few classmates to go with him, but they all declined. He was sad about not having a date and inquired if Widlyne might accompany him for the big event.  Widlyne took his request to heart discussed it with her husband and kids, and much to Brian’s delight, Widlyne’s supervisor granted her permission to accompany Brian to his prom. Recently having had her third child, Widlyne also sought support from her husband and children – which they gladly provided – for the night on the town. Brian was ecstatic; his words to her when he first saw her on prom night were, “Mrs. Lopez, you made me proud.”

Throughout the night, Brian danced with Widlyne and his friends. He behaved like a true gentleman, and made sure to ask her if she was having a good time, (which she assured him she was). As the evening drew to a close and Widlyne dropped Brian off at home, he thanked her for accompanying him to prom and told her the night was one he would “never forget.”


Brian deserved a lovely evening celebrating his graduation.  And at Our Kids, we’re proud of Widlyne’s dedication to her beloved client: she wanted to insure that Brian experienced prom and had a night of celebration. Widlyne still visits Brian once a month, and he gives her updates on his music. As for his prom experience, Brian had a night fit for a king.  And if you know Brian, you already know the king he truly is!

*Name has been changed


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