CWLA Report: Jayden Morales Case

In July 2013, Jayden Morales was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital with injuries resembling those of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  His father was charged with aggravated child abuse and attempted second-degree murder.  Jayden was two.

The events and people involved in Jayden’s life are complicated – with many children (siblings, half siblings, etc.) in a one-bedroom apartment, adults with few employment opportunities and limited income.

Our Kids, our partner agencies and DCF stand united to protect all our children from harm.  We work tirelessly to keep family units together when and where we should.  Every case is considered a serious matter, as children around the state are counting on us to shelter them from the storm of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

In the wake of Jayden’s death, Our Kids contacted the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) to conduct an independent, third party review of Jayden’s case and to provide all of us with a critical evaluation of the circumstances that led to Jayden’s death.  Working with our partner agencies, DCF and our other community partners, we will implement CWLA’s recommendations to ensure that Jayden’s case remains an isolated incident.


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