Miami, Monroe — Meet Mary

You’re eight years old again. You’ve just been woken up from your warm bed, and a stranger is telling you that you have to leave. You can’t stay at home anymore, and you don’t understand why.

You’re afraid, and confused.

Are you in trouble? Did you do something wrong? Where are these strange people taking you?

Mary, like many other foster children, knows the feeling all too well. 

As a young girl, Mary was placed into the foster care system. She traveled from group home to group home, endured failed adoptions, and attended nearly countless schools, all by the time she turned 14. 

Mary is 18 now, and after ten years of a whirlwind of a childhood, she’s opening up to us to tell her story and how she defeated the odds. 

On Saturday, June 28, at 5PM, Mary will attend the commencement ceremony to graduate from high school, an accomplishment only 30 percent of foster children achieve. 

Join us for the next seven days as we tell Mary’s story — a story of triumph, a story of heroism, a story of a young woman who wouldn’t let a statistic call the shots in her life.

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