30 Parent Hacks To Keep The Kids Busy (And You Sane) For The Rest Of Summer

From The Huffington Post

We are smack in the middle of the best season of the year. Long, sunny days stretch ahead, yet somehow it feels like we’ve exhausted every activity on our list of things to do with the kids. And just when we think we’ve worn the little ones out at the pool or at camp, they still find a way to become bored and listless. If, like us, you’re aiming for a non-structured 1970s summer, keeping the kids busy is a special kind of challenge — until now.

Behold our list of summer hacks list where ho-hum activities go to become super-fun games. So get to playin’!

Make a DIY coloring case
Summer road trips are fun… until the whining starts in the backseat. Keep ’em busy: Use an old DVD box to create a portable coloring case. Just throw in paper and a few crayons and your little artist will be set until the next rest stop.

Flickr via Huffington Post

Flickr via Huffington Post

Create lawn art
Art doesn’t have to happen inside. Bring a white or light-colored sheet or tarp outside and lay it out on the lawn. Put out bowls of paint and brushes and let the kids create a colorful tapestry. Voila! No spills on the rug. Seriously, look!

She Calls Me Mama Leisha via Huffington Post

She Calls Me Mama Leisha via Huffington Post

Make homemade bubbles
The only thing more fun than blowing bubbles is mixing up the solution. Have the kids combine the soup, glycerin, water and oils together in a plastic container, then give them their own bubble wands. Pop away!

Crystal & Co. via Huffington Post

Crystal & Co. via Huffington Post

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