Dad Films Himself in Hot Car On 90-Degree Day, Outraged By Parents that Leave Kids Behind

This is a startling visual, but unfortunately necessary given the amount of recent deaths resulting from children being left in hot cars.

Terry Bartley of Greensboro, North Carolina filmed himself in his car as an outraged response to the recent death of 22-month old Cooper Harris, whose father left him in a car for nine hours on a day that reached 90 degrees.

On average, about 38 children die each year from being left in hot cars, according to the Daily Mail.

We’ve all seen the broadcasts and read the stories, mortified at the outcomes: parents either completely forget their child is in the backseat, or they ‘had no where else to leave them.’

A car can reach lethally hot temperatures in just ten minutes.

Watch the video of the man who experienced it for himself to spread a message:

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