Foster Child Writes Inspiring Essay, Topic: “Who Am I”

One of our foster children recently wrote an inspiring short essay for school. The following are his words.

My name is Erik, in Swedish Erik means forever strong and it shows because I’ve been put into foster care and throughout most of the time I’ve managed to maintain a positive and friendly attitude towards everything even though I am still going through a rough time, I still manage to make great decisions in life and focus on my education.

I see myself as a mature, intelligent, caring, strong, honest, responsible young man yet I’m shy. I’m a very caring person. I feel others pain and am willing to help anyone though a hard time. Growing up without a father, I had to mature quickly and become the man of the house which made me the dependable and strong man I am today.

One of my passions is music, my favorite genre of music is rock and I love playing my guitar. So much that I no longer watch TV but instead practice my guitar whenever I have the chance. I look up to many great guitarists like Slash and Tom Morello. I just find it very entertaining to play my favorite songs on guitar, it’s my favorite hobby. Another passion of mine is animals; all animals are different and appealing to me. My favorite animal is a dog because of their loyalty and unconditional love towards humans. At one point of my life I wanted to become a dog trainer. I would watch a lot of animal shows learning about many different animals around the world. I also enjoy learning about history and reliving the journey that real people have gone through also learning from the many great mistakes many have made.

In the next five years I would like to myself in college learning many things and concentrating on my education as it is essential for a great career and future. I would also like to see myself helping out my community and family in any way possible, and of course I would also like to see myself doing very well in guitar.

The many steps I can take to ensure that a have the future I want is to concentrate on my education and get great grades, the kind of grades that impresses others and makes your mother and father proud to be your parents, and to continue volunteering and practice my guitar every day.

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